When God Inspire there becomes Miracles. HE transforms the hearts and minds of everyone. One live example around us is Brother Joseph Crasta. He was Touched by Almighty and a ‘Loving Home’ Snehalaya emerged. By the ‘Sneha’ and for that an ‘Aalaya’ Promoted which is named now as Snehalaya Psycho- social Rehabilitation Centre.

Established on August 26th 2009 at the birthday of St. Mother Theresa of Kolkota. Vision and Mission of this institute is extending Care and share Asylum for the poor, needy and abandoned. Service is open to all people; without discrimination of any caste, creed, status. Giving service with love, care, compassion and treat everyone equally, as all are created by God.

Joseph Crasta was an interstate bus driver. He was an ordinary family man with a limited income. He met with an accident at Mumbai and injured seriously. He was admitted to a hospital where he met his death face to face. Survived Miraculously and returned back to normal life Joseph could not work as driver. By this crucial time his wife found a job for daily bread which was very essential to her to look after husband and family along with her ailing mother- in law. Joseph Slowly returned to normal life. It was a turning point of his life. He was thinking about others who are wandering in the street without any destiny. He saw the cry of hunger and ailing neglected people without proper food, treatment and care.

Joseph Crasta, inspired by the services of “St Mother Teresa of Kolkata”. He found lots of socially Neglected & abandoned, wandering people around without asylums, proper treatment & Care. He saw the hunger and poverty of those who are in a need of medical supports which they could not afford. Then onwards he started thinking to establish an asylum to support these unfortunates.

Auto Rikshaw Samarithan: He purchased a Auto Rickshaw for his daily bread to feed himself and his family. One day while he was driving his Auto rickshaw, saw a mentally ill lady at Central fish market of Mangalore drinking water from fish frizzing container. He immediately recued her and gave clean water to drink. After providing food from nearby hotel took her to the hospital for checkup. Upon certifying normal in her mental status she has been taken to Mary hill old age home for ladies as orphan there. This is the first day of his Mission and continued with same by providing required treatments and care to street wanderers & then shifting to them in various orphanages. He was continuing this spiritual mission for a long time and he was seriously thinking to put up an HOUSE for himself.

Thought of a SEED: Bro. Joseph was thinking about: How to manage a destitute home himself. He surrendered himself for prayer to sought the help of Almighty. He kept on praying with his family and invited other well-wishers too pray for him to fulfill his vision. In between he started providing foods for the poor people those who are in the street within his limited daily income and few charities minded his fellow workers who supported his cause. He found there were not enough shelters for those destitute around Mangalore.

Miraculusly- same time he received his share of parental property. He considered this as an Divine gift. He sold his share of property and purchased a house property Near Talapady church. He initiated and organized a Charitable Trust with Charity minded people. Today Snehalaya Charitable trust a prominent, asylum started at Manjeshwar with its humble beginning those days ten years back and fruitful journey by the blessings of all donors and well-wishers

Snehalaya Orphanage Home for Abandoned: On 26-08-2009 by accommodating a teenager on his twenties near Milagrees church who was on street of Mangalore as destitute. He was abnormal physically. Shabby half naked with long hair. He was restlessly moving across the street and grabbing food from the garbage. Brother Joseph Crasta brought him to the new Snehalaya home and gave him bathed for clean and gave all preliminary health treatment. Further, took him to Yenopoya Medical College Hospital and admitted him in the Psychiatric ward for further checkup and needful treatment if required. He was totally muffed and unable to say anything about him and his whereabouts. Snehalaya named him as “Chotu”. He is still with Snehalaya with a smile, dancing and talking with a broken Hindi. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember about his past.

Mission Abandons: Further he started receiving these kind of abandon irrespective of age, religion, caste, creed and status male as well as female. With full of dedication 448 people were at Snehalaya till today of which258 were reached their respective homes to their relatives from where they were missing. Joseph Crasta and his Snehalaya service teams continuing their mission with utmost Love, Care and selfless service by following footprints of great saint of the day St Mother Teresa of Kolkata”.

Spacious place plans: Brother Joseph, Under the above circumstances and related crucial issues in this regard, The board of Trustees held a meeting related to this issue and all are jointly agreed to open and operate a Psycho Social Rehabilitation Centre, specifically for mentally ill wandering destitute Men. According to the Minutes of the meeting and its decision a Supplementary Deed executed and passed a Resolution to go ahead to start up a Psycho Social rehabilitation Centre. For this proposal he and his Trust members approached so many charity minded well-wishers to purchase required landed property and further construction of new Centre specially for Mentally ill destitute. By the grace of Almighty within a short span of period the new set up of Snehalaya Psycho Social Rehabilitation centre for mentally ill Men, came into existence at New Jerusalem Nagar, Bachalike, Pavoor post, Manjeshwar Taluk, Kasaragod District. This set up has been constructed absolutely as per the Psycho Social Criteria under the Govt. of Kerala, Dept. of Social Justice.

Activities under Snehalaya Charitable Trust
1.Snehalaya Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre for men
Snehalaya Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre is a model Centre in Kasaragod District. Mentally ill persons often are considered as a burden due to social negligence. Unfortunately they are thrown out of the family on the street. Very often they so on missing and never return to their homes due to unstable mental status. Snehalaya works for such wandering mentally ill destitute, by providing medical treatment, care and social rehabilitation. Presently the centre servicing 179 inmates. Total of 448 inmates admitted to Snehalaya Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre of which 258 were found their relatives and sent back home on a reunion with their families.

2.Snehalaya Shanthi Dham Old Age Home for Men
Snehalaya Shanthi dham is a home for aged neglected by their families, Children and society. The centre provides facility for the aged so that they can breathe their last peacefully. Presently Shanthi Dham is Supporting 20 old aged and chronically ill senior citizen.

3.Snehalaya Mannah
God has blessed this institute in another unique mission that is “Snehalaya Mannah”. St. Mother Teresa who is also called as ‘Saint of the Gutter’ said us “If you can’t feed hundred people then feed just one”. It was her inspiration for Brother Joseph to take up this Mission. One day, Brother Joseph visited Government Hospital, he saw the struggles of the people for food. At that moment God has opened his eyes to feel the hunger of poor people. On 14th August 2015 by the grace of God he started this mission as ‘Snehalaya Mannah’ through which he reached the poor of the poorest. Presently everyday 700 meals are distributed at Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore and 200 meals at Kasaragod Government Hospital.

Upcoming programmes

Opening shortly
1. Snehalaya Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre for women
2. Snehalaya Shanthi Dham Old Age Home for Women
3. Snehalaya Prayer Hall
4. Snehalaya De addiction Centre for Men, Women, Youth, Students


Other Services

  • Free ambulance service to take sick patient to hospital and to take dead bodies to their respective home especially for those from north Karnataka and (our neighbours) Pavoor people
  • Snehalaya is supporting to Poor children for their higher educational service
  • Medicinal support to the poor patient
  • Providing used clothes and toilet articles to the poor
  • A.A. Meeting on every Sunday
  • Occupational training for inmates and preparation of Herbal items: Phenyl, Black phenyl, floor cleaning, Hand wash, dish wash, shampoo, soaps, face pack, honey.
  • Once in a two months Snehalaya staff conducting shramadhana program
  • Once in a two months Snehalaya staff visiting other NGO and conducting entertainment program to the inmates and conducting games and having refreshment with them which we have taken to NGO and having fun with them.
  • Celebrating festivals like Christmas, Divali, Bakrid and all National festivals at Snehalaya with the inmates.
  • Counselling service to the people.
  • Constructing houses for Poor
  • Financial support to Caner and kidney and heart patients for their treatment.
  • Provides financial Support, grocery items, detergents, clothes, water to Kerala flood relief camps by collections form donation sources
  • Blood donation for deserved one’s
  • World mental health day was observed on 10-10-2018 and conducted workshop for college students and gave participated certificates
  • One day Outing for our inmates at Manasa Water Park and Bekalfort


  1. Talent Milad Award 2012 by Talent Research Foundation
  2. Dedicated Service Award- 2013 by Lions Club Mangalore
  3. Abbakka T.V. Award -2014 by Abbakka TV
  4. Excellence in Charity Awards-2015 by Ramias Charitable Trust
  5. Pigara Rajyothsava Award-2015 by Pingara Kannada Suddi Pathrike
  6. MCA Seva Puraskar-2015 by MCA Qater
  7. Emirates Konkans Sadhan Puraskar-2016 by Emirates Konkans KSD-UAE


Personally Joseph Crata has been honoured 23 times



Snehalaya Charitable Trust

  • Recognition of the Selfless Contribution to flood relief services in the state of Kerala flood disaster-2018 by Manjeshwara Block Panchayath
  • Kerala Gadinadu Kannada Rajyosava Prasasthi by Kerala Kannada Sahithya Parishatu Gadinadu Gataka Kasaragod.
  • Snehalaya is recognized as a model centre in Kasaragod Dist.



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