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Bishop Oswald J. Lewis, the Emeritus Bishop of Jaipur, graced Snehalaya with his visit.

On the 20th of November 2023, a momentous occasion unfolded at the Snehalaya Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center, marking it as a golden day in its annals. The distinguished presence of Bishop Emitetus of Jaipur Diocese, Most Rev Oswald J. Lewis, graced us with a casual visit. During his time with us, he expressed profound joy at witnessing the remarkable growth of the center over the course of fourteen years and commended the dedicated work undertaken at Snehalaya.

Bishop Lewis took the opportunity to engage with both the staff and patients, taking note of the selfless service and compassionate care extended to the individuals under the center's purview. A sense of admiration filled him as he observed the patients' evident happiness and resilience in the face of their respective infirmities and challenges.

In a gesture of appreciation, Bishop Lewis congratulated Br Joseph Crasta, the visionary founder of Snehalaya, for his altruistic commitment to serving humanity. Additionally, the Bishop offered his heartfelt prayers for the continued success of Br Joseph Crasta's mission, emphasizing the profound impact of the selfless service rendered at Snehalaya.


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