Snehalaya is an abode of love and compassion that caters to the needs of the Last, Least & Lost in the society without discrimination of caste, creed, status, religion, or any political organization. It is located in the parish of Our Lady of Mercy, Manjeshwar, under the Catholic Diocese of Mangalore, Karnataka State, India.

St. Mother Teresa often used to say, “Do not wait for leaders to do it alone. Do it person to person”, Snehalaya, the abode of compassion, empathy, and clemency, is a beacon of love, hope, and care that touches the hearts of all.” It came into existence on 26th August 2009 and celebrated its ‘Lace Jubilee’, the thirteenth year of its inception on 26th August 2022. The strength of this institute is purely blessings of God and the support of well-wishers, who have fallen in love with the downtrodden and the neglected. 

For the last 13 years, Snehalaya renders service under three categories, Snehalaya Psycho Social Rehabilitation center for Men, Snehalaya Psycho Social Rehabilitation Home for women, and Snehalaya Shanthi Dham, a home for the aged.   It is exclusively headed and managed by Br Joseph Crasta, a layman. Today almost 280 mentally ill men and women are sheltered here and are undergoing medical and psychological treatment.  The only motto of Snehalaya is, to Love, care and provide service – joyfully to the needy.

Snehalaya caters its service to the Last, Least & Lost in the society without any discrimination of caste, creed, status, religion and party, as we believe that we are children of same GOD.